Third Grade
Mrs. Fonseca & Mrs. Dobao

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Mrs. Fonseca- Classroom News

Portfolio Testing- Thursday, February 22nd 

Spelling Test- Friday, February 23rd


Week of February 19th
*Please note that HW is subject to change if necessary.

Reading: No School

Language Arts: 5pt Spelling Menu; iReady/My On

Reading: Cold Read; iReady/MyOn
Language Arts:
10pt Spelling Menu; iReady/My On


Language Arts: Practice Spelling Test Signed

Please complete iReady requirement of 45 minutes for Reading. Please complete all extra vocabulary lessons (This will count towards your 45 min.)


Week of February 19th 
Spelling: (variant vowels)
taught, hauls, caused, paused, squawk, drawing, crawl, flawless, lawn, salt, talked, halls, water, bought, thoughtless

Vocabulary Words: alert, competition, environment, excellent, prefer, protection, related, shelter

Vocabulary/Language Strategy:
Context Clues

Reading Skill Focus: Compare/Contrast Text Structure- Informational Text

Reading Strategy:
Re-read; Close Reading

Grading Policy

***** Home Learning is subject to change *****