Third Grade
Mrs. Fonseca & Mrs. Dobao

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Grading Policy

Tests (40% of grade)

Quizzes (30% of grade)

Classwork (15% of grade)

In Class Projects (10% grade)

Home Learning (5% of grade)

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Mrs. Dobao - Classroom News


Home Learning- Week of 5/28*** Home Learning is subject to change *** 

*** check agenda for changes****


  • Bring in Crayons or Color Pencils to class. 
  • What is the structure and each part's function of a plant? (Stem, roots, leaves/ needles, flower, fruit, seed) How do plants respond to light? see videos
  • Review for test: pages 249-250 due Monday June 4

  • How do plants reproduce???? seeds.... cones.... aaaaaaand SPORES! Watch above how a fern makes little replicas of itself under it's leaves!!!

    • read scholastic news of the week on line: none
    • To read the scholastic news of the week please visit :    class password: rocksing3                        click on " all issues"  then click on the issue  listed above

 Getting ready for 4th grade Link
We are getting ready for 4th grade. The lessons are printed and completed in class. The students are asked to keep classwork in red folder. If the lesson gets lost you may use the link above to access the classwork. 

  • 45 minutes of i-ready due next Monday.  
  • Complete a Reflex bubble a day. Need at least 3 bubbles a week. The program won't let you do more than 1 bubble a day. 

  • 1 reflex bubble due tomorrow
  • 1 reflex bubble due tomorrow

  • 1 reflex bubble due tomorrow


  • 1 relfex bubble due tomorrow (this should be your 3 for the week!!! woo hooo)


  • 3 bubbles due Monday
  • I-ready 45 minute due Monday 

This Week's Vocabulary


place value, standard form, expanded form, word form, digits, number, ten thousand,  


Animal Classification:  

This week's focus: characteristics, classify, vertebrate, invertebrates, arthropods, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, system, physical characteristics, behaviors. 

Social Studies 

You may also read the scholstic news of the week please visit :    class password: rocksing3                        click on " all issues"  then click on the issue we are reading in class. (see SS HW section)

Wish List

Many parents have been asking me to let them know if we need anything. I tend to make myself a shopping list during the day of things that we are short on or need. I will be sharing it here. Thank you for all that you do for us! 
  • erasers
  • treasure box sweets, treats, toys
  • gently used books. Preferable 2nd grade level and up. We are mainly in need of science related books/ magazines for our class library.